Oct. 16th, Fang Hui, the mayor and deputy secretary of Yueqing people’s government, visited our company.

Yueqing Mayor Fang Hui and his group visited our production workshop. He praised our 5S and the visual signs of safety seen everywhere in the workshops. Mayor Fang also asked the company’s current difficulties. For the difficulty of workers’ children entering a school mentioned by MIRO’s Manager Alex Chen, Mayor Fang zanswered that the schools in the development zone are under construction and they will help enterprise to solve this problem as soon as possible

With support of Yueqing people’s government, MIRO has been awarded “Outstanding Enterprise”, “Export-oriented Enterprise”, “Big Taxpayer”, “Provincial Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Enterprise” by government for many years and created social and economic benefits. Now, Mingrong is committed to improving the all aspects of staff’s life and advocate of harmonious family. With the helping of Mingrong and Yueqing people’s government, we are expecting to create a comfortable working and living environment for our worker